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Data-driven regenerative agriculture

Detailed soil sampling from the top 60 centimeters with more than 40 different data from the same zone on soil structure, organic matter content and soil life – make informed decisions during the regenerative transition!

The BlackSoil System

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Why choose blacksoil

We have everything in one place that you need for a successful transition to regenerative farming

Farms are different because farmers are different. No matter which type of soil you have and how much rain you get annually, we have you covered with education, consulting, regenerative products and carbon credit measurement & verification.

#1 Education and Consulting

Whether you are already familiar with regenerative farming practices, or you are just about to get started, we are here to help. We may train everyone at your farm, and put together your regenerative farming plan for the next decade.

#2 Cover Crops and Inputs

Thanks to our own manufacturing facility, we supply you with a broad sortiment of regenerative inputs, including cover crop mixes, organic fertilizers and biostimulants. You can be sure that you are getting the best stuff for your soils.

#3 Measure and Verify

We measure the soil organic carbon levels in your soil every 3rd year. Our online platform helps you track the sampling process and the lab results. We also help you with soil health tests including Haney test and DNA sequencing.

#4 Carbon credits

Our credits are based on the carbon sequestration in your soils. The more organic matter you “grow”, the more carbon-dioxide you capture. We have the practices for increasing soil organic matter and the markets for selling the credits.

What makes us special

We are building the most innovative carbon farming system in Central Europe

Farmers at Heart

Our carbon farming program puts the farmer in its center – it is not about the credits or the buyer, it is about the farmer.

Quality Credits

Our carbon credits are based on rigorous soil sampling conducted every 3 years. Greenwashing? Not our kind of business.

Complex approach

Having education, consultation, inputs and measurement under the same roof makes our operation flexible and sustainable.

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About BlackSoil

At BlackSoil your topsoil is our top priority. Our goal is to help farmers convert their lands to regenerative farming and facilitate their relationship with companies looking for regenerative crops and carbon credits.