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About us

Putting carbon back where it belongs: in the soil

Black soils are considered the best soils in the world – their structure, nutrient content and humus content make the great to grow a crop.

However, our soils are turning brown, yellow or even white. These are the signs of soil degradation which now threatens 50-60% of the soils worldwide.

BlackSoil Carbon Farming System was created and launched by a team of regenerative ag experts. Our expertise with regenerative farming and carbon sequestration gave us the inspiration to work out a system that puts the Farmer in its heart and not the credit or the emitting company.

Our experience with regenerative farming goes back to 2016 when we started to mix our first cover crop cocktails. Until that time, no-till and cover cropping was not widely known in Hungary and the surrounding countries. In the last 7 seasons we grew into a company with a complete regenerative product portfolio, and a team overseeing more that 35.000 hectares of regenerative lands.

Education is our passion: as this system requires a deep understanding of the functions of the healthy soil, we organized several farm visits with international experts (Steve Groff, Joel Williams, Dale Strickler, Christine Jones, Egon Zunckel, Scott Ravenkamp – just to name a few of these great people) and a Soil Health Conference @ Budapest with 300 attendees each year.