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Our offer for farmers

Future-proof your farm with regenerative agriculture

We will be here with you for the next 10 years, helping you during the adoption of regenerative practices, measuring soil health and soil carbon, making your farm future-proof.

We aim for 5 MT/ha CO2 sequestration per year, sampled every 2-3 years. Currently we offer €30/MT of CO2 – this is the estimated minimum price, so your carbon income can be €150 / hectare / year*.

As for the expenses, your regular cost will be the price of soil sampling – calculating with 4 sampling rounds in 10 years, it will cost cca. €10 / hectare / year. The complete list of fees can be found in our detailed offer provided upon request.

The €150/hectare/year is more than what other programs are offering – how can we do that? It is simple, we are:

Farmer-centred – we work with farmers who want to go regenerative instead of working for corporations who wish to reach their net-zero targets, so our project area is YOUR farm;

Agronomy-based – we have our own, in-house consulting team and we are also able to supply you the right inputs, including Carbon Champion cover crop mixes;

Soil-focused – we calculate CO2 sequestration from our FAO GSOC-compatible, well-documented and traceable soil sampling procedure rather than using models which are always more cautious with carbon level changes.

When you sign up to the program, you get the following services:

Soil sampling: we plan, execute and document the procedure. Our Carbon Corps sampling team can pull samples from 3 separate levels, down to 90 cm.

Laboratory analysis: we provide total carbon (inorganic and organic) levels, bulk density, and we do Haney tests and metagene analysis. Nutrient tests are also available.

Tailored agronomic consultation: we work with you during the transition to regenerative agriculture (see here).

Access to our BlackSoil platform: our GIS application helps us tracking the sampling process, but for you it is a cool precision ag tool with variable rate maps and NDVI images.

You decide how we work together

Sampling only

Price on request

Choose this package if you only need soil carbon sampling by our expert team.

Initial agronomic consultation

Regenerative transition plan

Soil carbon and bulk density sampling

No commitments

Full package

Price on request

Get access to our regenerative farming knowledge and change the way you farm.

Full consultation & transition management

Soil carbon, bulk density & soil health sampling

Higher CO2 sequestration & payouts

Access to our precision farming platform

Common questions

Do I have to choose a package to be part of the program?

Yes, you can be part of our regenerative farming program by choosing one of the two packages. The good news is that we have transparent pricing (no hidden costs), you may quit the program anytime and we assist you with the onboarding process.

Is the Sampling only package enough for me?

If you are looking for a simple but powerful carbon farming solution, then yes, the Sampling only package is your way to go. We don’t want to push our regenerative services and consulting on you – if you feel confident that you can increase your soil carbon levels by following your methods and techniques, that is fine with us. We will be there when the sampling has to be done precisely and professionally.

Should I choose the Full package?

This package is for farmers who wish to invest in their regenerative farming future. Besides the long-term discounts you get from the soil sampling & lab tests and cover crop prices, this solution also includes full-scale consulting, our Horizons MRV module, an easy-to-use precision farming platform and expert agronomic advice. By choosing the Full package, you may sequester more carbon and earn higher carbon credit payouts.

Who will purchase the carbon that I sequestered in my soils?

We prefer the method called insetting, which means that the carbon credits are kept inside the local value chain. We are connected with the largest food and beverage companies in the Central European region and these corporations are always looking for additional credits to reduce their Scope 3 (value chain) emissions.

We do not guarantee that we will be able to sell all the credits that you generate, however, we guarantee that after each credit sold you will receive at least €30. We also guarantee that you will receive at least 70% of the final credit sales price – the higher the price, the higher payment you will get. Please read more about the payouts in the FAQ section of the Contact Us page.

How can I get a detailed price offer?

It’s easy! Contact our BlackSoil consultant team and we will send you a tailored offer including all the services and fees.


Sampling onlyFull package
Registered areamin. 50 hectaresmin. 50 hectares
Initial consultation
Transition plan
Continuous agronomic advice & support
Stratification (creation of sampling zones)
0-10 and 10-30 cm sampling
30-60 cm samplingoptionaloptional
Soil carbon levels & bulk density
Fungi-to-bacteria ratio
Soil metagene (DNA) analysis
Haney soil health test
Nutrient levels (N, P, K, Ca, Mg & micros)optionaloptional
In-field water infiltration test
5% off from sampling and lab prices
Soil mapping by our experts (3-6 chosen fields)optional
Analyze NDVI images
Create management zones
Process yield map data
Create variable rate application (VRA) maps
Access to Carbon Champion mixes
Access to custom cover crop mixes
Discount from cover crop prices3%10%
Carbon payout (of credit price)70%75-80%
Carbon payout at Horizon One (of credit price)75%
Carbon payout at Horizon Two (of credit price)77.5%
Carbon payout at Horizon Three (of credit price)80%

* Results may vary depending on soil types, climate zones, weather patterns and events, and management decisions. Carbon credit prices are subject to market volatility.