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Our offer for Food companies

Turn your supply chain into a value chain

Your value chain as a food and beverage company connects you with thousands of farmers. Your buyers are looking for products which were manufactured from crops with a low environmental impact. Regenerative agriculture can be the missing link between these two – sourcing grains and seeds from farmers who sequester carbon in their soils while producing the crops you process.

Whether you are looking for regenerative hectares or you intend to train your network of farmers, we have the right solution. We have been working with the largest food and beverage companies on regenerative projects spanning thousands of hectares, producing carbon credits for insetting.

When you hear the words carbon certificates or carbon offset, think about the term compensation. Offsets represent the reduction, avoidance or sequestration of the equivalent of a ton of carbon-dioxide in one place to “offset” an emission somewhere else. Carbon offsets are designed for situations where emissions are impossible to reduce.

When you hear the words carbon credit, think about the term allowance. Carbon credits represent the maximum amount of CO2 an entity is allowed to emit. This cap on CO2 emissions slowly decreases over time, forcing entities to emit less and less CO2 in order to stay within the cap.

Insetting in carbon credits means that we help food companies down the agricultural value chain to reduce their carbon emissions by purchasing regenerative crops from farmers. Since only 1 billion tons of CO2 is being offset at the moment out of the 36 billion tons emitted globally per year, we can clearly see that we have a long road to go.

This also means that there are tremendous opportunities for food companies who are innovative and care about the future and their buyers. Regenerative agriculture is not just the answer for carbon insetting, but it will also increase biodiversity at your farmers, making the majority of your sustainability goals achievable.