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Season 2024 registration is now open

Get your fields sampled for carbon stocks in Spring 2024

Do you have 30 minutes for your soils?

Apply to our carbon program

Simply contact one of our program managers or consultants and sign up for the BlackSoil regenerative farming program. It takes less than 15 minutes.

We design the soil sampling

Provide us your field boundaries so we can create the sampling zones and mark the sampling points. It takes no more than 10 minutes from your side.

Let’s schedule the date of sampling

Let us know in 5 minutes what is grown (or will be grown) on your fields and when our Carbon Corps team could execute the soil sampling.

It is that time of the year when we make plans for the next season. Once the grains are in the bins, you may also think about investing in your soils by registering to the next BlackSoil carbon sampling round.

Our Carbon Corps team will pull the soil samples in February-April 2024. The second sampling round and carbon payouts will be done in Spring 2027.

Don’t miss out! Register by 31st January 2024.

Why should you join now?


will be the next year of carbon payouts for samples taken in 2024


euros per hectare per year will be your estimated carbon income*


euros is the cost of sampling per hectare per year

It is not just about soil carbon

To make sure that your carbon credits are more permanent and therefore worth more money on the carbon market, we measure a series of other soil parameters.

Soil health

Haney test is a leading lab test for regenerative farmers. We partnered with US-based Regen Ag Lab to provide this special test to you.


Below-ground biodiversity is a vital part of healthy soils. We run a full-scale DNA analysis including 4M+ species in SeqOmics’ lab.

Water infiltration

Good infiltration means that every raindrop is kept is where it falls. Our automated SATURO infiltrometer measures this capacity of your soils.

You decide how we work together

Sampling only

Price on request

Choose this package if you only need soil carbon sampling by our expert team.

Initial agronomic consultation

Regenerative transition plan

Soil carbon and bulk density sampling

No commitments

Full package

Price on request

Get access to our regenerative farming knowledge and change the way you farm.

Full consultation & transition management

Soil carbon, bulk density & soil health sampling

Higher CO2 sequestration & payouts

Access to our precision farming platform

What is included in the packages?
Sampling onlyFull package
Registered areamin. 50 hectaresmin. 50 hectares
Initial consultation
Transition plan
Continuous agronomic advice & support
Stratification (creation of sampling zones)
0-10 and 10-30 cm sampling
30-60 cm samplingoptionaloptional
Soil carbon levels & bulk density
Fungi-to-bacteria ratio
Soil metagene (DNA) analysis
Haney soil health test
Nutrient levels (N, P, K, Ca, Mg & micros)optionaloptional
In-field water infiltration test
5% off from sampling and lab prices
Soil mapping by our experts (3-6 chosen fields)optional
Analyze NDVI images
Create management zones
Process yield map data
Create variable rate application (VRA) maps
Access to Carbon Champion mixes
Access to custom cover crop mixes
Discount from cover crop prices3%10%
Carbon payout (of credit price)70%75-80%
Carbon payout at Horizon One (of credit price)75%
Carbon payout at Horizon Two (of credit price)77.5%
Carbon payout at Horizon Three (of credit price)80%

Join the Soil RevolutionTM!

Please fill out this form and tell us as much about your farm as possible.

    Rather speak to someone on the phone?

    Ambrus MICHELS
    Program manager

    +36 70 77 66 88 5

    Tamás MOLNÁR
    Chief Advisor

    +36 70 943 43 81

    Agronomy advisor

    +36 70 943 43 01

    Zsombor DIRICZI
    Managing director

    +36 30 645 62 57

    * Results may vary depending on soil types, climate zones, weather patterns and events, and management decisions. Carbon credit prices are subject to market volatility.