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Education & consulting

Learning the best regenerative practices together

Education is a central piece of our approach: it helps us to speak the same language, think together and tackle the same problems together.

Our education program was refined during the last 7 years as we grew from a one-man show into a team of professional consultants. We have experience with all kinds of farmers (beginner, intermediate and hardcore no-tillers) and different types of educational programs – farm visits, conferences, workshop and hybrid education.

After the educational round is finished, we go into a one-on-one consulting with the you, the farmer. We know exactly the pain points of the transition period, our farming partners can be sure that we will be able to help you with our expertise in:

cover cropping,

soil cultivation systems,

nutrient management,

plant protection,

livestock integration and so much more.

Our work together starts with the baseline assessment (the current situation of the farm), and we decide where you would like to be within the next 10 years.

We compile a transition plan for the first years. This is the most difficult period, because you leave several practices and input behind (tillage, fertilizers, pesticides etc.), but the soil biology that will replace these is still not working with full-ahead flank.