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Our system

A long-term solution with short-term benefits as well

Our regenerative farming system is built on 3 pillars

Soil health is the key

We work with you for 5-10 years per cycle, depending on the speed of regenerative adoption. We focus on regeneration, carbon credits are “by-products”.

Building soil carbon

With cover crops, no-till and adaptive grazing we are able to sequester 5 MT of CO2eq per year per hectare – this also means better structure and nutrient cycle.

Precise measurements

We oversee the complete procedure of planning, soil sampling, laboratory analysis and carbon calculations. Our protocol is Gold Standard certified (in progress).

Our soils and ecosystems are degraded to a level which we cannot and should not sustain – this is why sustainable practices need to be replaced with regenerative practices.

A living, healthy soil is full of soil life, it can support a wide variation of plants and animals, and it needs less inputs for successful farming. When you regenerate your soils, you also regenerate your farm, community and yourself.

Our program and experts guide you through this journey from the early adaption of regenerative practices to becoming a master of cover cropping, reduced tillage and grazing.

It takes a lot of time – tens and hundreds of years – to increase soil carbon content. What we have eroded in the last 50 years cannot be repaired within one decade.

However, we can make this process faster and more efficient with regenerative farming. Continuous soil cover, minimized soil disturbance, cover crops and adaptive grazing can speed up the sequestration, and it is possible to draw down 5 metric tons of CO2 into the soil per year per hectare.

Don’t believe everything you see (except this huge tillage radish in the hands of our chief advisor Tamás, this is real!) – measurements are the backbone of our program. We partnered with the most innovative labs for soil analytics, including SGS, SeqOmics and Regen Ag Labs.

Our in-field and laboratory tests give us a complete overview of the health of your soils (soil carbon stocks, Haney soil health score, water infiltration, bacteria-to-fungi ratio etc.) and show you the progress you have already done and the room for improvement.

How to enroll to the program

01. Application

Get in touch with our soil experts who will help you with the registration process and discuss the program details with you. This step takes 10-15 minutes.

02. Uploading the fields

Using our online tool, you can easily upload your shape (*.SHP) files or select your fields on the map. This should not take more than 30-35 minutes.

03. Baseline assessment

We take a snapshot of your farm’s operation from the last 5 years (fertilizers and pesticides, energy consumption, crop yields etc.). This usually takes 2-3 hours.

04. Baseline soil sampling

We will organize the first soil sampling round for your fields to test the initial carbon stocks and soil health. This step is done 100% by the BlackSoil team.

05. Transition plan

Together we compile a farming plan that shows where you would like to be in 5-10 years. This should be ready within 3-4 month after the application.

06. Aim for the next horizon

Let’s get started! Horizons are the levels of our program and they are designed to make the regenerative journey as smooth and painless as possible.