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Measure, report & verify

Boots on the ground, cash on the nail

MRV stands for “measurement, reporting and verification” – it is the process that quantifies and confirms the outcomes of a carbon project. The BlackSoil system uses Approach 1 by Gold Standard which is based on in-field measurements and rigorous soil sampling combined with state-of-the-art laboratory testing.

Our MRV system aims to measure soil health and carbon stocks as accurately as possible while keeping the costs low. We strive to detect the smallest positive change in the carbon pools of your soils, making sure that you receive compensation for your regenerative efforts.

The backbone of the MRV system is our online GIS platform that analyzes your field data from the last 6 years. NDVI images, slope maps and soil texture maps are used to create the strata (zones) for soil sampling.

Soil samples are pulled from 0-10 and 10-30 cm depths (also possible to sample the 30-60 cm level) and are sent to accredited labs for DUMAS dry combustion (total carbon), Haney soil health and soil biology measurements. We also test water infiltration in the field with a dual-head infiltrometer.

For the calculations we ask you to provide farm data of the last 5 years – quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels and crop yields are needed to verify that the regenerative practices have not caused extra emissions or yield loss.

Our program is about the full-scale adoption of regenerative practices. It is our highest priority that you understand the system and its rules, then we measure the actual impact and results with soil sampling. We are proud that farm-level consulting, regenerative inputs and MRV are all done by our in-house team of experts.

We are on the way to become Gold Standard verified which is one of the most accepted soil carbon standards. It guarantees that the carbon you sequestered are converted into top-quality credits that can be sold for a premium price. You keep doing what you love doing, leave the rest to us.